Monday, March 28, 2011


Well, that was painful. I think the three miles we just ran might have been more painful than Saturday's race. Ouch! Not to mention, it was 39 degrees, misty and windy. That didn't make it any more pleasant. But we powered through, contemplating our twinges, heads down against the wind. Hopefully the next run out will feel a bit better!

Luckily, the morning was a lot more fun than our afternoon run! Since it wasn't exactly a good day to play outside, we headed down to Wilmington to the Children's Museum. Sam had a blast, although she may have been a bit overwhelmed by all the exhibits and the older kids running around. She particularly enjoyed the grocery store. The carts were just her size!

Grocery shopping
After running around the museum for a while, we headed to Ryan's favorite Wilmington lunch spot - Flaming Amy's. Sam loved the funky decor, and bopped to the music in her highchair. She also thoroughly enjoyed her quesadilla!

Chomp chomp!

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