Saturday, December 1, 2018


I had intended to run on Monday but my legs were feeling pretty tight after running Saturday and Sunday so I took the day off instead and spent some time stretching and rolling in the morning before work. Felt much better! The rest of the day was busy busy catching up and getting back to reality at work. Vacation is always fun but coming back to work, not so much! 😉

It was supposed to rain all day on Tuesday but I set my alarm anyway, thinking I might rally to get out in the rain in the morning depending. I woke up, looked out the window and saw a few inches of snow on the ground with snain falling from the sky. Well, forget that! It was back to bed instead! 😂 Then we got the call that there was a 2 hour delay so I took my time waking Sam up and we didn't make our way over to Amber's until after 8:00 am. On the way there, with the roads fairly horrible, we got the call that they were canceling school in the end due to some power outages and road conditions. Ugh. So Sam got a fun day at Amber's and I set off to work. The snow stopped soon enough but it poured all day long. Crazy weather!

Temps dropped overnight and with so much water on the surfaces I knew it would be too sketchy to go out in the morning. So instead I planned to leave work a bit early to make up for staying late on Tuesday night for the board meeting, and managed (finally!) to get in a run this week! I headed out around 2:00 pm and ran a rather random figure-eight loop through Topsham. Lots of puddles and pretty much everything was still quite wet but it was warm enough that there was no ice. (5.1 miles)

Then it was off to the Y with Sam for swim team.

Thursday morning, I got up and headed out into Highland Green. It was windy and cold and things were just on the edge of sketchy in terms of ice and I was simply feeling meh. So I turned around and cut the run short. I'm not out to prove anything right now, just running because I can and I want to. (4.6 miles)

I had planned to run from home on Friday morning but late Thursday afternoon, Val sent me a text asking if I was up for some slow Brad miles. I most definitely was! We met up at 9:00 am and hit the east side first. Temps had been in the 20s overnight so thankfully things were fairly firm out there although still fairly uneven, despite some mountain bike traffic. We ran a few miles over there and then returned to the mountain side, where there is always much more traffic and therefore a bit better footing. We followed the most packed route out onto the Boundary, but then turned near the corner onto a soon to be new trail connecting up to the Tote, headed up for the requisite summit vista and then down Terrace. All told, we found a lot of open, wet areas and variable conditions throughout but still, it is always a good day in the woods when the sun is shining bright and you have good company 💜 Thanks for the run, Val! Legs felt good too, so even better! (6.5 miles)

I followed the run up with a lovely massage with Lauren, some around town errands and grocery shopping and then Sam finished up the day with a stop at Gelato Fiasco to use her soon to be expiring free gelato coupon from the library's summer reading program and some Christmas shopping after her doctor's appointment. The house didn't get clean, but oh well 😊, all in all, it was good Friday!

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