Thursday, December 6, 2018

This and That

This week has been a busy one, which is pretty typical for us, but on top of it work is fairly crazy right now for me and we've been trying to sort through initial Western States logistics. It's weird to think of Western States as real. I mean, it's something you see in movies! We've made some progress on getting things sorted out. Both sets of grandparents are coming out, one of my bestest college friend, Krisser, who lives a few hours away is going to come out to see us while we are there and hopefully help crew, we have lodging set and we've got flights booked for the leg out to Squaw. We're waiting on the return trip for now as we're trying to coordinate with my sister to see if Sam and Morgan can both make it to Mom and Dad's after the race for a bit of grandparent time together under the NC sun. 😍  And oh yeah, still gotta get a car...

I feel lucky that I have so much support and am so thankful that Ryan will more than take care of the crew side, and has already been researching the course thoroughly on Google maps. I'm trying to tuck WSer away in the back of my mind and heart, a little nugget of promise and intent to keep me going and smiling through all the training to come without letting the emotional component of getting to be part of this event and having all my family there get me too worked up too far out. But there is a lot to this race, as there is any big effort, and seriously, my mind is whirling. 😜

My legs have been feeling fairly decent considering it's only been 2 1/2 weeks since JFK and because running makes me happy, keeps me sane and I am still working towards my goal of 2000+ miles for the year, I've been running. Nothing crazy though. Tuesday morning I got out into the darkness and ran the cart paths, minus holes 1 & 2. A mixed bag of conditions with some bare gravel and pavement, some packed, transformed snow, some ice, some snow still soft enough to sink into. Slow going but a beautiful morning to be out, even if it was in complete darkness 😉 (5.2 miles)

Yesterday, I simply didn't make it out of bed and although I wish I could have left work early to run in the bright sunshine, that just was not meant to be. So instead I donned my shorts and earbuds and spent swim team practice 65 laps around the track listening to the Ultrarunner Podcast with Dominic and Katie Grossman. Good stuff. The GPS picked up a signal this time and read 5.3 miles. Don't know is that's right or not, as I can never tell if I'm going fast or slow while running tiny little circles 😂😂 (5.3 miles)

And just a few photos to brighten your day, and mine when I come back to look at this post 😀

Sam had a great time decorating the tree and house with Irene and Dana last weekend! I love this tradition! 💗
Santa Lego building

Tree decorating 

Sam also received her LRSC gear this week. She was so excited and so proud to put it on! I just cannot love this enough 😍 Plus, isn't the gear cool?!?

And just because, it's Gigi in a box. If I fits, I sits 😻😹

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Sam looks adorable!

So great you have the important logistics worked out!!