Sunday, December 9, 2018

Running and Christmas Tree Fun

The other day Val posted some sort of Facebook share that asked for one word that reminds you of her or how you met and what your connection is. I couldn't decide between "Fridays" or "Brad," so I wrote both 💗 I could also have written many other things as Val is an awesome friend and runner and person, but those are the two words most definitely bring Val to mind! And so it was that this Friday was a Friday with Val at Brad 😀

It was a bright and beautiful morning with blue skies and not-too-cold temps, and we met up a bit early to get in a few extra miles before looping back to the lot to pick up Anne, Mindy and Keri. Always fun to run with the ladies and good to catch up! Trail conditions were variable, with a lot of bare ground, ice, lots of hoar frost and unevenness to sink through, some packed snow, some running water. And also Mindy found a perfect heart in the ice! So cool!

We ran around on the east side, chatting away as we ran along, and sometimes calling out, "What did you say?" amidst the crunch-crunch-crunch that comes with this type of early winter running 😄 Conditions kept the pace nice and comfortable and despite a bit of ankle tweaking here and there, I felt pretty good! It was the perfect way to ease back into a longer run for the week! Of course, being the slightly neurotic runner that I am, I ran a loop around the parking lot when we got back so as to bring my total to exactly 10.0 on the dot 😂 Then we headed over to Pineland for lunch, and a baked good of course, before continuing on with our days. It was a lovely morning for a run with friends and a great way to start off the weekend! (10.0 miles)

Happy runners

Heart in the ice

Saturday morning dawned dark and cold. Only 9 degrees. Gah! I waited until the sun rose, donned all.the.layers and headed out. The sunrise through the trees was quiet pretty but man, brrrr! My legs were feeling a bit creaky from yesterday's run and the cold didn't help. It took until about mile 3 for me to warm up and feel like I could move! 😂 Ran through town and down along the river for a short stretch before looping back up home. (5.2 miles)

Later in the morning, Sam and I headed into town to go to the winter farmer's market and do a bit more Christmas shopping while Ryan got in his run. Then after lunch, it was onto Christmas tree decorating!

Love looking through all the ornaments. So many memories 💖

Gotta get in the spirit! 🎅

And poof, it's Christmas!! 🎄💗

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