Friday, December 28, 2018

Midweek Running

Trying to cram a bit of running into these holiday days! Ooff, not the highest quality miles based on too much food, too little sleep and an off-kilter schedule, but there sure have been some pretty sunrises this week. Oh, and a bit of snow too...

Wednesday morning, I got up early but was tired from a full day yesterday and it took me a while to actually get out the door! 😂😁 Too bad I had to go into work after my run 😜 Ran the cart paths minus holes 1 & 2 and enjoyed running without a headlamp and watching the sun rise. Such a pretty morning! (5.2 miles)

Heath overlook

Thursday was a headlamp run, but I started late enough that I was treated to the glow of the orange sunrise through the trees and on the back of the Highland Green loop saw the wide expanse of glowing light on the horizon, with Venus shining brightly above. A nice if chilly morning road run. (6.0 miles)
Venus glowing high above

We are heading south to MA for Christmas #2, but while we were waiting for the snow to turn to rain (boo....), I headed out for a run. It was snowing lightly with just enough on the ground to warrant screwshoes and to hide the remaining ice 😁 A bit of cart paths, road and the trail around the Heath thrown in for a random loop today. (5.0 miles)

Oh, and just for grins... I do so love my Gigi cat 💗

Life is so rough 😂😍

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