Monday, December 31, 2018

2018: A Look Back

2018 was a pretty great year. Now, I’m not saying it was perfect, but on the other hand, perfection is a myth, so maybe it was exactly as it should have been. All I know is that overall, I am pretty lucky. I live with the two people who make me smile most, who love and support me, and we have had some great adventures and time together this year. I have a job I enjoy, two cats to snuggle with, a house to call home and the means to heat it. I'm healthy and able to get out to run, hike and enjoy nature, which brings me great joy. I have wonderful friends with whom I can enjoy miles and laughter and time together. We are blessed with family with whom we love to spend time, and who cheer us on during our crazy endeavors. There is much to be thankful for indeed šŸ’—

I don't really make new year resolutions but I do like goals. The past few years I've set running goals for myself at the beginning of the year, things that keep me honest and working hard. I didn't achieve all my goals this year, but that's OK. I'm pretty pleased with what I did accomplish, and besides, you have to dream big and sometimes fall short to make things happen!

Goal #1: ✔ Wrapped up the year with a random road run this morning to round out the numbers out to the lovely palindrome of 2,112 miles. Icier than expected, and my legs felt a bit creaky, but there was some lovely color in the sky and one deer was seen. (6.5 miles)

Very happy to have exceeded my mileage goal for the year, especially considering I truly am only a 5x a week runner and took time off after both Laurel and JFK.

Goal #2: ✔ Qualified for Western States with my Laurel finish, and then even better, actually got into Western States through the lottery with only 2 tickets!! Woohoo. 2019 is going to be pretty awesome with that on the roster!!

Goal #3: Didn't quite achieve this goal, as the puking at mile 57 put a damper on any sort of fast movement, but still proud to have done as much as I could in those final miles of Laurel to finish as strong as I was able. 

Goal #4: Nope. Didn't happen. Gonna have to put this on my list again for 2019 and make it happen!

Goal #5: ✔ Kept up the 2x a week arm strength throughout the year, but never really rallied to make the leg strength happen.

Goal #6: ✔ Hills made a strong appearance in my training plan pre-Laurel and I really worked to incorporate speed pre-JFK. No track workouts but pretty good for me!

Goal #7: ✔ Races are fun but it's truly the process that makes me happiest. I really do love to run and know that getting outside for my miles on a regular basis makes me a better person. Enjoying the journey is the true purpose and the biggest joy, always šŸ’—


Spent this sunshiny New Year's Eve day hiking at Bradbury and enjoying sushi and gelato for lunch with the kiddo.  Looking forward to a great 2019 filled with more hiking, sushi and gelato, plus lots of miles, smiles, friends, family, laughter and adventure! Happy New Year everyone!


Running Log Files:

2018 - 2,112.00
2017 - 2,002.00
2016 - 1,900.00
2015 - 1,963.60
2014 - 1,702.00
2013 - 1,557.75
2012 - 1,400.00
2011 - 1,375.00
2010 - 1,100.00
2009 - 675.50 *pregnant/Sam born
2008 - 1,112.00

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