Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Fun

What better way to start a Saturday than with donuts and a lovely early morning 8 mile run with a good friend? :) Kicked off the weekend with a nice mellow back road run out in New Gloucester/Pownal with Amy. Always fun to run with Amy! It was great to catch up and good to move the legs, even if they were a bit slow on the uphills!


Happy runners

Beautiful morning to be out!

Spring has sprung 

Later this afternoon, Sam, Ryan and I headed over to the Cathance for a nice hike along the river. The woods are just starting to green up and the river was flowing nicely. We scared up a big common garter snake who had just had a meal, still a bulge in his middle, and saw skunk cabbage and ferns unfurling plus a few spring beauties and trailing arbutus blooming along the way. Sam has a lot more stamina and strength these days and our 1.3 miles took 54 minutes overall - a nice quickening of the pace even from last fall! Really nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather together!

Garter snake with a lump in the middle. Maybe a frog/toad?

Skunk cabbage along the river

Field horsetail (I think)

Trailing arbutus in bloom

Goofy girl


Our leader for the hike

Happy hikers!

All in all, a great day of being outside enjoying the early spring weather and sunshine!

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