Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's been really nice to have a weekend at home without much scheduled. This morning, I got up early but hung around and did a few things with Sam at home before going for my run. I ran a 6+ mile loop in the Cathance. Kept the pace mellow but felt pretty good. Saw my first trillium of the season plus a snowshoe hare and a turtle in one of the quarry ponds.

Ryan went for his run shortly after and then we all spent a few hours cleaning - I cleaned under the sink, we got the windows cleaned (so dirty!!) plus we did some raking in the garden and got some compost laid down from our bin, opening up some desperately needed space in there.

And now, well, Sam is up playing in her room and Ryan and I are sitting in the couch relaxing with the cats . Ahhhh... So nice! 

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