Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early Spring Blooms

With nothing on the calendar for the day with the exception of dinner tonight with friends Nate, Shannon and family, we decided to head up to Boothbay this morning to explore the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Last year we hit it just right, and managed to get there on a weekend when the rhododendron garden was in full bloom. This year, we were a little too early for that, but there was still some lovely color to the found and a lot of blooms in the gardens.

We toured the Children's Garden and then took off on a hike out to the Rhododendron Garden and back around on some lesser used trails. It was fairly overcast and a bit chilly/damp out, but the rain held off until we were back at the grassy area right by the Visitor's Center. Pretty good timing! And we got in a lovely 2.7 mile hike for the morning too!

Star Tulip

Sleeping whale rock

Cool pattern on this tulip

Exploring the children's garden

Fern design

My girl :)

Inside the sculpture


Fun in the children's garden

Hi there


Little froggie

Crossing the brook

Colorful azalea and kiddo :)

Happy hikers

Rhododendron Garden waterfall

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