Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Walk

The weather forecast for today wasn't looking great, so we planned on a mellow morning and hoped that skies would clear enough for an afternoon walk. We stuck with the plan, sleeping in, making pancakes and bacon, playing games and staying in our PJs until well after lunch :) By then, it was starting to get sunny so we suited up and headed over to the Cathance for a walk around the Heath.

It really turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and we had a fun nature hike, stopping to look at the flowers, check out the tadpoles and frogs in the quarry pond next to the Heath and count the ladyslippers along the way - we saw 56 of them! A lovely 1.3 miles and a fun little hike with my two favorite people.


One of the many ladyslippers along the trail

Walking around the Heath

Fringed polygala


Wild cala lily

Cute kid :)

Heath, blue sky reflected

Heath Loop

One of two bullfrogs, who were seriously both as big as my hand. So HUGE!

Blueberry bush


Enjoying the view at the Heath

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