Saturday, May 21, 2016

Catch Up

Thursday was Sam's XC meet. I picked her up at school and she told me her stomach wasn't feeling great. We agreed to go over to the meet site and see how she felt after a snack. If she still felt badly, we would go home and rest. Or she could try to race if she felt better. She decided she wanted to try. I am really proud of her for that. Some days aren't our best but it's always good to put in an effort. She seemed to have fun and we stayed to watch the rest of the races before having dinner out together in town. With Ryan away for work, it was a fun little date for just the two of us ;)

The 1/2 mile girls, ready to truck!



Friday morning after dropping Sam off at school, I headed over to Pownal to meet up with Amy for the final 10 miles of her 20 mile run. It was bright and sunny and 
warming up. We headed out on a nice road loop with some big stretches of dirt. Always good to catch up with Amy!

Of course I brought twists ;)

Pretty back road vista

Lots of bobolink song from this field. And oh so yellow and green!

We had lunch at Edna & Lucy's after the run before heading our separate ways. A good way to spend the morning for sure!

After some errands, I picked up Sam at school and we headed south to get Ryan from work and down to MA for the weekend. Little Cam is oh so cute, and Sam and Gavin have been having fun together. 

Little Cam loves cousin Sam

Cousins! And a new haircut for Sam!

Cute cousins

Sam reading to Gavin and Grammie before bedtime

This morning, I got up early and snuck out of the quiet house to go over to Bradley Palmer for some trail miles. Really lovely out! Sunshine, blue skies, cool breeze, the scent of honeysuckle in the air, towhees, catbirds and tufted titmice calling, violets, starflowers, lily of the valley lining the forest floor. Got in a nice, happy 8 miles. Felt good.

Nice morning view

Lily of the valley-lined singletrack. I'll take it :) 

Now I'm back at the house amidst the kid chaos ;) 

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