Thursday, May 5, 2016

Midweek Running

'Tuesdays with Shannon' started up again this week after a long layoff due to dark mornings and winter and sickness and all the stuff that comes with having kids ;) It was great to be able to catch up with Shannon on a run again! We ran a nice 5.7 mile loop out on the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust trails around Crystal Spring Farm. Spring seems to have stalled a bit here with this latest round of raw, damp weather and while the woods are greening, they are greening very very slowly :) Not much to look at yet, but hopefully soon!

Ever since we've gotten back from vacation, I've had this nagging dry throat cough that I can't quite get rid of. I'm sure part of it is from traveling, part from being run down after racing and part from this crazy weather we're having, and while it seems to be lessening, last night I had a rather sudden, out of the nowhere, coughing fit in the middle of the night that kept me up for quite a while. I was feeling pretty tired when the alarm went off, but figured a mellow short run would be fine as long as I could drag myself out of bed ;) It was misty and rather dreary out and I knew the trails would be slick and wet from last night's rain, so I stuck to my rather boring neighborhood loop with a mile addition on hole #3, along the Heath and Quarry, for 4 miles. After all the rain, the pavement and packed dirt were littered with worms. Literally. Everywhere. Hopefully most of them made it back into the ground. Either that, or the birds had a feast!

This afternoon was XC practice and Heather was away with her middle school kids at a meet, so I was in charge of practice, luckily with the help of two other moms. We took the kids back up to Chicken Hill for hill repeats. I must say, they sure are enthusiastic about hill repeats! While I stayed put at the bottom of the hill myself, monitoring the repeats, I got in a leisurely 1/2 mile running with the group to and from the hill as a little bonus mileage for the day. A rather blustery evening for practice but everyone seemed to have had fun!

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