Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midweek Running

Tuesday morning I met up with Shannon again for a nice run on the BTLT trails around Crystal Spring Farm. We took a slightly different route and added on the lollypop through the field up past the pond, along the farmyard and around the Quarry, getting in a good 6.3 miles for the morning. Still crisp out but nice and sunny!

Wednesday was Sam's second XC meet for the spring season. The day was bright and sunny and it really warmed up! Quite a change from last week's meet when I was freezing in pants and a coat, and was wishing I had brought hat and gloves! Heather was away, so Lisa and I were in charge. It was a bit chaotic, and much more stressful than just being a spectator, but luckily we had some good parental help and things went relatively smoothly. I ended up running one lap (1/2 mile) of the 1 mile course with one of our new boys who needed a bit of a boost but I was really not dressed for it, and man, was I hot by the end! Sam had another strong race. We are so proud of her and love that she is loving it :)

Sam and Olivia before the start

Sam and I before the race

Coming into the finish

Good job, Sam!

This morning, I headed out for a run in the Cathance. They have cut a new connector trail off the Heath down to the new parking area along the back dirt road, so I took that and then tried to figure out how they were connecting the parking lot on the other side down to the Old Quarry Road but to no avail. So I ended up doing some bouldering over the big piles of rocks they are using as retaining walls or fill or something - ha! - and ran through the construction area down to the trails. I'm sure that wasn't quite what they had in mind ;) I do hope they manage to get a new access route set up at some point. 

As usual, the river was lovely and things are really popping in the woods. Lots of ferns coming up along with hobblebush and colts foot blooming, plus violets, bluets and wild strawberries out in the field. On the forest floor the bluebead lilies are coming up amidst the leaves of the false lily of the valley, the starflower and the wild oat. Saw some goldthread and rue anemome along the Heath trail too. Got in a nice 6 miles for the morning.

Ferns coming up along the river.

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