Saturday, May 28, 2016


It's all about shifting around the miles to make it work ;) Didn't quite get in what I had planned for yesterday. I was intending to run a big Brunswick loop but my legs were heavy and it seemed much too much effort for the pace, so I cut it short. Was that a cop-out? I don't know. I am sure I could have kept going, but I didn't have the fire to do so and honestly my legs were tired and I haven't been sleeping well (what else is new? sigh), so it seemed the smart thing to do.

As I had intended to run a big loop, I started at Bowdoin and ran over to the BTLT trails I typically run on with Shannon. It was kind of a dreary, overcast morning with a few splittles of rain in the first few miles. While the run wasn't great, it was still pretty out in the woods. I saw many good flowers along the trail, including at least 3 dozen ladyslippers!, and heard one of my favorites, the bobolinks, in the farm fields! Got in 10 miles and spent the rest of the day getting a few things crossed off my to do list.


Bunchberries, still wet from the rain

I had been hoping I would be able to get up and out for a longer run this morning before taking Sam to swimming, as Ryan had already claimed mid-morning for his run, but that didn't happen. I really was quite exhausted last night and so decided to stay in bed for a few more hours this morning instead of getting up at 5:00 am. While we were at swimming and getting donuts at Frosty's, it got really hot out there, like mid-80s hot! Poor Ryan was melting out on the trails in the heat.

After lunch, I decided I was going to brave the heat and get in a few miles. I took a handheld filled with water, kept the pace easy and even broke out a tanktop for the run, something I rarely, if ever, do. Although I was certainly sweating a lot and it was toasty out there, there was a nice breeze that made the temperatures bearable and I just kept things mellow and meandered along. I got in a nice 5 miles down to the river and back.

Warm run down by the river

The rest of the day was quite mellow with a whole lot of games played, although we did get out for a post-dinner walk around the block and temps had cooled down nicely! 

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