Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Morning 12

Got out this morning around 10:30 am for a nice, mellow 12 miles through the Commons and Coleman Farm. I looped around on the Old Pennelville Road for a bit of extra mileage, as well as adding on the smaller Popp Loop in Coleman Farm (always think it is 'poop' :) )and took a few off-shoots in the Commons. While the clouds had started to accumulate and the sky was overcast, it was still nice and warm out.

Lots of flora popping up along the way: a few ladyslipper leaves beginning to unfurl, goldthread, multiple patches of rue anemome, wild oats, violets, shadbush blooming, plus large stretches of trout lily out in the woods at Coleman Farm along with the one big beautiful purple trillium and the patches of daffodils still in bloom by the pond.

I also had some neat warbler sightings! Three yellow warblers in the thickets out along the edge of the Coleman Farm field and one Common Yellowthroat. What fun!

Felt pretty good, although I did end up having a big coughing fit at about 6 miles in, and after that I could not catch my breath. Actually had to stop and use my inhaler. Much better after that, but kept the pace mellow on the return trip.

A lovely 2 hours out on the trails this morning for sure!

Beautiful big purple trillium

You can really tell why it's called a trout lily here

Rue anemome

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