Friday, April 8, 2016


Thursday morning, I thought I had dodged the rain, but nope, it started up again shortly after I headed out at 6:00 am. It was a wet, windy, misty, dreary 5 miles on the cart paths, but at least I escaped the worst of it. The day was rife with major rain and major wind. Of course, Ryan went out and ran in it after work anyway ;) Ha.

Keri texted me this morning and said, "Gonna be a muddy one!" Actually, since we ran on the Cathance trails, it was more like a slippery one, as the slick, wet roots and bog bridges were way worse than the wet, muddy spots. It was fun to show Keri the Cathance - the river was roaring and the sun even came out, warming us up enough to shed our long sleeves and allowing us to hear the peepers out in a few of the ponds and bogs. A lovely 9.2 miles to start my day and great to have company along the way!

Happy runners along the river

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