Friday, April 15, 2016


I don't have an umbrella drink in hand, but we're definitely on vacation :) We don't call my parent's house "the resort" for nothing! We got picked up at the airport, complete with a present in the car for Sam, taken to a nearby park for a picnic lunch and rides on the carousel, chauffeured home, got a ride in the new golf cart, played some yard golf out back and didn't have to lift a finger for dinner or clean-up. I'll take it :) We sure are lucky! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

It has been a long day but Sam was a great traveler and for that we are eternally grateful. Time for what will hopefully be a long and restful sleep tonight and then up for some fun, adventure, relaxation and a little running tomorrow! Ah, vacation is good :)

Riding the carousel all by herself! Three times ;)

Follow the leader

Fun at Pullen Park

Sam and Daddy

In bloom


Backyard golf practice

Mini golfer ;)

Out for a ride in the new golf cart with Pip

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