Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Run and Hike

Got up and out this morning around 7:00 am for a short shake-out run. It was bright and sunny but cold and windy as I headed out through the woods and along hole #3. A thin layer of ice sat atop the shallow waters in the Heath and the hoar frost had popped back up again along the trail. I kept the pace nice and easy and was happy that, although tired, my legs really didn't feel stiff or creaky at all. Finished up with a mellow 5 miles to bring the week's mileage up to 45+. Bring on the taper!

When I got back, Ryan headed over to Bradbury for his run and after a few rounds of Sushi Go, Sam and I headed that way too. We checked out the TMR trail maintenance work - looks great! - and then hiked up the Terrace Trail thinking we would likely see Ryan as he headed down to the lot, and yup, about halfway up, there he was. Sam and I continued up to the summit and chatted for a bit with the Hawk Watch watcher before descending via the Bluff Trail/Northern Loop/Ski Trail. A good 1.9 miles with the kiddo, mostly hiking but with some sprinting between waterbars thrown in ;) Always good to spend time outside with Sam!


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