Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yesterday afternoon while Mom was out running a few errands and Sam was with Dad and Ryan playing golf and I had finished doing payroll for work and I had finished my book, I was sitting around thinking I am really bad at relaxing ;) So I got up and emptied the dishwasher and vacuumed the house. Ha! Now you can see why our vacation days are typically packed to the brim. I am just no good at sitting around ;)

Sam had a great time out on the course, and was the official scorekeeper for all 18 holes :)

Headed out to play!

At the 7th hole 

Getting ready to putt

Putting on hole #7

Scorekeeping is very serious business ;)

Putting practice

Pink shoes, pink shorts, pinkish red hat, pink ball ;)

Filling in the divets :)

No running yesterday, it being a taper week and all, so this morning I was more than ready to get out! I got up and out early along the same 4.5 mile route that Ryan and I did on Sunday, running it in the opposite direction. Warmer today with no wind. Then it was home to get ready for the beach! With temps predicted in the 80s, we figured it was the perfect day for it. Apparently, a lot of others did too, as the parking lots and beach were pretty full! We spent about 3 hours enjoying the sun, sand and water, although I'd call the water pretty darn cold, and was more than happy to just wander up and down the beach looking for shells ;) 

Yes, we are pale ;) but we did at least get out from under the umbrellas for a little bit!

Sam with Neenie and Pip

What? It's not cold!


Little digger

Laughing gull

While Ryan and Sam were in the water, I wandered up and down the beach a few times, beach combing. So many shells, so little time...

Into the waves!

Post-beach stop at Boombalatti's. Yum!

Followed up by dinner at Flaming Amy's :)

My pretty girl ;)

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