Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bradbury 20

Last long run before the Grayson Highlands 50k this morning. Decided I was going to just do my own thing this time around and not join up with anyone for the run. Saw John and Damon in the parking lot when I arrived, but sent them off and headed out myself about 5 minutes later. It was chilly, with the ground semi-frozen in the wet/muddy spots, but luckily no ice. It was also very sunny, which was lovely, although honestly in a few spots, with the sun shining so brightly through the leafless trees, it was hard to see!

Granite, blue sky and pines

Ran up to the summit and then headed down the Boundary to the break in the rockwall to run Lunchbreak, then back up again. Took Tote down and did Krista's before heading back up to the summit. Took the Bluff trail back to Northern Loop - a lovely little stretch of trail - and back to the lot. Crossed paths with lots of other Monsters between 7:00 and a little after 8:00 am - Jim G and friend, Sean, John B, and saw Ian, Jet and two others heading off down the Tote as I was about to turn onto the Ski Trail. A nice morning to be out, for sure!

Back at the lot, I crossed the road and ran the Scuffle. Saw two mountain bikers but otherwise the trails were quiet.

I stopped at the car to refill my water and get some more food, and then headed back up the summit. This time around, the trails were a bit busier, with a lot of people out enjoying the good weather. I ran a similar loop as I had the first time around, adding on in a few spots here and there. Down by the gravel pit, I ran into a big Trail Monster trail maintenance group, who I knew were out working on the trails this morning - very impressive and great to see so many people out! I stopped a few times to chat, and then, when I realized, I was going to be a bit short on mileage, did a few loops through the parking lot and on the first stretch of trail to get to 20 ;)

Legs were a bit tired, but I am happy with how I felt today and glad to have gotten in one more solid run before the taper. Not quite sure what to expect at Grayson but know it will mean running through a beautiful area and am looking forward to it!

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