Friday, April 1, 2016


Warm out this morning but windy, overcast and misty. I was feeling a bit dreary, so decided I would keep my run mellow and hope that heading out to one of my favorite places would help lift my mood. I started from the field house lot at Bowdoin and ran out through the Commons to Coleman Farm. The woods are still very much in early spring mode, with browns and greys reigning, and the fields were shrouded in mist, enhancing the muted morning palette.

Misty morning fields

Muted ocean view

The only hint of color was in the patches of daffodils coming up along the edge of the pond beyond the Coleman Farm farmhouse. Hopefully they will survive the freeze this weekend.

Spring, encased

I kept the pace mellow, just meandering along. Lots of birdsong, and saw a redwinged blackbird, an eastern meadowlark, a pair of wood duck taking off from one of the ponds, and a belted kingfisher. 

As I was running a field loop to finish up my 10 miles, I was thinking about how I hadn't seen anyone out on the trails this morning, which is very unusual. And then I looked up, and who did I see running toward me but Nate. Ha :) We stopped to chat briefly before we each continued on our merry ways.

Not sure the run helped lift my mood, but it was nice to be out and I really do always enjoy that particular route. After the run it was home to do some cleaning and then off to volunteer in Sam's classroom for the afternoon. This morning, she told me Fridays were always fun because I come into her class. So cute :)

But the thing she was excited about most today is that it is a movie night at school! And then she gets to have a sleepover at Anne's for the night! OK, so this is exciting for all of us!! Her first sleepover! We'll see how it goes, but for now, we're calling it a win! She gets a fun Friday night and we do too! Dinner out and watching the Barkley movie together. Yup, that's about as exciting as we get ;)


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