Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Didn't get up this morning to run, but then was kicking myself for it ;) So, decided to get in a short run before I picked Sam up at school; it was too nice out to think about running on the treadmill during her swim lesson, plus today was the last Wednesday lesson so I wanted to be able to see how her swimming was coming along. Headed over to the Crystal Spring Farm trails to run the 5 mile loop I've run midweek a few times. This time around, the trails were completely free of ice (Yah!) and dry. It made for much easier running, that's for sure!

Figured I would make the run a bit of a "push" run. I don't know what the correct term is, but I feel some of what I've been missing the past few years as I've trained for the longer ultras and forgone racing shorter events is the sense of pushing myself. I mean, yes, I pushed myself in training a lot last year as well as in the 100, but it was an endurance/strength/durability test with higher mileage, sustained motivation and long hours of being on my feet. Very different than fast running on trails. So, while I can't say I'm going to commit to a true peed program here, I do plan on incorporating some runs into my schedule during which I keep focused and push throughout, versus just lollygagging along as I am wont to do ;)

Managed to keep the overall average pace just below 9:00/mile, with my fastest time on the East Loop. I don't care too much about Strava segments, but they are an interesting gauge.

Anyway, a lovely, if windy, afternoon to be out and very happy to have gotten in a few miles for the day! Also, the spring peepers were going crazy up in the pool at the edge of the farm fields! Love it!!

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