Saturday, March 12, 2016

Head of Tides

Headed out this morning for another "from the door" trail run, this time with a run out to Head of Tides. I really am lucky to have such great options for running right across the street!

It was a lovely sunny morning if a bit windy and cool. Most of the ice has disappeared with only a few small patches remaining - hurray! - but there was also a whole lot of hoar frost to trip and twist ankles in to make up for it ;) Also, with overnight temps below freezing, there was some very interestingly textured semi-frozen ground, almost springy in spots. Still, found some fine high dry trail to run along too. And of course, the river was roaring and beautiful as always. Got in a nice mellow 10 miles for the morning.

Roaring river, no ice today

Rushing water

Lovely high, dry trail headed out to Head of Tides

Falls, Head of Tides

No ice today

After I got home, Sam and I did some reading together while Ryan got in his run, and then the two of them went off for a lunch date! They were unable to attend the Valentine's Day Father/Daughter dance due to the snowshoe race, so this was their date instead :) And I had the house to myself for a bit, so it was a win/win!

Sushi with Daddy

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