Friday, March 25, 2016

Midweek Running

Almost didn't get out the door on Tuesday morning, but decided I was being ridiculous ;) Finally made it out at 6:30 am for a snowy run around the Heath. Beautiful sunrise seen through the trees. With less time available, mileage was shorter, but hey, 4.3 is better than none :)

Top of Mt. A.

Through the woods

Wednesday saw me up and out at 5:00 am. Let me tell you, 5:00 am + overcast skies + no moon = serious darkness ;) I felt fairly smooth and kept the pace mellow along the cart paths, getting in a good pre-dawn 6 miles. Then it was off to work early to make up for some missed snow day hours. Which meant, more coffee please!!! ;)

Thursday, I evened out my Wednesday morning overachievement by not getting out of bed for a run. Ha. Gotta keep it real here, people! ;)

Then this morning, I woke up to a message from the school district that there was a 2 hour delay due to icy road conditions. Looking out my window, I thought, it doesn't look that bad, but since I had the option, I waited until it was light out to start the sun. Headed out under dreary skies at 6:30, and let me tell you, they weren't kidding! It was da*n slippery out there! A fine, thick layer of ice covered all surfaces. It was slow, and dicey, going.

Due to conditions, I thought running down to the river on the trails would be wisest, as the cart paths were almost as slick as the roads. Bog bridges, moss and rocks were slippery but the sections of trail under tree cover were OK. Ended up with a slow 5.1 miles for the morning and was happy I to not have fallen down out there! A fine mist was falling throughout the run, and with temps hovering around 26 degrees, I came home to find my shoelaces had iced over!!

Then, just after Ryan left for work, we got another call - school had been cancelled for the day. Two snow days in one week - crazy weather!

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