Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend Running

Today was the last race of the snowshoe series. Ryan dubbed it the "un-snowshoe" race. Yup, no snow, but plenty of bare ground and some ice, and still a race, albeit a trail race :)

Race weekend generally means a busy weekend around our house, so yesterday I was up early to get in my run before Ryan headed out for course scouting, marking and his own running. I ran the cart paths and added on a Heath/down to the river and back lollypop in the middle for 7.7 miles. The Heath was clear of ice except for the spots that are typically wet, but down along the river, even on my short loop, there was still plenty of icy patches. Stopped to watch the rushing river for a minute, and saw a whole bunch of ice pancakes floating and swirling around in the circles in the currents further out on the water. Neat!

Early light, Cathance

The rest of the day was spent baking prizes and helping Ryan get numbers and prizes organized. Then this morning Sam and I went over the race to volunteer, cheer on the runners and hang out with our friends. Compared to last month's race, today felt like a heat wave, which made it much nicer to be standing around outside for a few hours! A good end to the series, despite the lack of snow. When life gives you lemons (or no snow), you make lemonade (or a trail race!), and I think everyone had fun out there and made the best of it.

Shirt (and cool Badass hat!) (Thanks for the photo, John!)

After lunch, I headed out for my own run. I drove over to the Ecology Center and hit the trails from there, running along the river and then out onto the Ravine Loop and to Head of Tides. It was a nice way to hit most of the trail system, and I got in a good 6 miles. The trails are pretty dry, but there were still some patches of ice and a few really good sections of hoar frost to keep things interesting ;) The river was roaring and there were some really neat ice formations to see along the way. 

Roaring falls, Head of Tides

Ice formations, Head of Tides

Rushing river

Neat icicles hanging along the rocks

Ice formations at the river's edge

All in all, a good weekend of running!

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