Friday, March 18, 2016

Pair of Sixes

I apparently have become a running procrastinator. You know, just cram all the miles into the last four days of the week, none of this nicely spreading it out stuff ;) Damn time change and dreary weather and coughing child who is interrupting my sleep! Sigh. Anyway, no running early this week but did lecture myself sternly enough Wednesday night to actually get up and out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:00 am Thursday. It always takes me a while to get myself together, have something small to eat, do my exercises and stretches and get out the door, but was out a few minutes before 6:00 am.

It was dark and misty and foggy. I had very limited visibility for the first few miles in the dark, although I did notice a big blob off to my left on the green on hole #1. I stopped to shine my light on it and yup, a porcupine, rooting around in the grasses. Not bothered by my presence at all, he went on rooting, so I just said hello and continued on my merry, dark, misty way ;) Got in 6 on the cart paths for the morning.

Today, I decided to skip getting up in the dark and headed out around 10:00 am after I got Sam dropped off at school, the car vacuumed out and washed and the weekly trip to Target completed. It was bright and sunny, if a bit breezy, as I headed up Mt. A. The trails out in the Cathance were a bit squishy from yesterday's rain and the bog bridges were saturated enough to be extremely sketchy, but things have firmed up quite nicely out there and the running was decent. Lots of robins out along the golf course, and lots of water flowing down the river. Felt good and was happy to get in a nice 6.6 mile loop for the day.

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