Sunday, March 13, 2016

The No-Snow Version of the "It's A Bad Idea" Fat Ass

Keri originally dreamed up a snowshoe fat ass run up at Hidden Valley Nature Center, with the idea that some people might want to run a marathon on snowshoes, and that the rest of us would be more than happy to run a few miles and then sit around and chat and eat and drink for the rest of the day ;) Of course, then we had *this* winter, and when this morning rolled around, there was no more chance of snow on the ground than of me having a good night's sleep ;) So, it was a trail fat ass instead!

There was a great turn-out today and the weather graced us with cool temps to start but abundant sunshine. As the day went on, the temps warmed up into the 50s but the cold wind remained. Still, it was a great day to spend out outside!

Tyler was nice enough to take Sam with him and his girls on a short hike around the pond at the start of the run so that I could run a lap. Things were wet, muddy and messy, but the area really is beautiful and, boy, are there some nice trails, especially the singletrack winding through the blueberry bushes. The group started out all bunched together, but I got in a few miles with Ryan and then with Jim, as he and his dogs caught up to us for the final few miles. A lovely 4.5 miles for the morning before spending the rest of the day eating and socializing and generally having a fun time with great friends. We are so lucky in so many ways!

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