Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Day of Spring

Happy Spring! A bit of a chilly start to the new season today, with snow in the forecast for tonight, but that's no excuse to not get out and enjoy the trails!

I'll be honest and admit I was really feeling yesterday's run this morning. I took my time getting out the door and managed to get out the door around 8:30 for a creaky meander on the cart paths and down to the river and back for 7.6 miles. That was all I needed to get the weekly mileage just up over 40, and while I realize it's an arbitrary number, I definitely wanted to hit it this week, even if I didn't feel the urge to run too much more ;)

After a mellow rest of the morning, we finally motivated to get out and enjoy the first day of spring together as family. We headed out onto the Cathance trails for a hike along the river. It was chilly but bright. I was cold in the shadows, but the sun was warm. There was mud but also a whole lot of hoar frost to crunch over, some frozen foam along the banks of the river to inspect, and an iced over quarry pond to throw rocks onto. There was some trail running and laughing, and sunlight sparkling on the river. There was also a trip and fall, some tears and banged up knees and a mid-hike hug before Sam dried her eyes and we continued on. A lovely hour+ out in the woods for 1.6 miles.

Trail running

Cool hoar frost

Barnes Leap

Happy hikers

Late afternoon sunlight on the river

Frozen foam

Frozen foam along the river's edge

Happy monkey ;)

Sam and Daddy

Roaring water

Neat iced over stream

Rushing Cathance

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