Friday, March 11, 2016


Ran the cart paths Thursday morning for a mellow six, and this morning got out and ran a small new-to-me trail system as part of my longer run. What fun! Driving along the Connector recently I've kept noticing two white blazes on trees heading into the woods bordering the Highlands. Today, I figured it was time to check them out. I ran the cart paths and several loops up and over Mt. A. then headed across the street and ducked into the woods. The trail headed down into a ravine with several short out-and-backs and loops along the stream. Some steep, short climbs and some nice wide meandering trail along the stream's edge plus a few genuine patches of dry, bare ground to be had up amongst the birch trees. Lovely!

It really did lead to a Gazebo...

Colorful lichen

Birch grove 

Dry ground!

Brook Trail

Flowing stream

Skunk cabbage!

I did another few laps around Mt. A. and then headed out to the ecology center before heading back home for a nice 14 miles on a Friday morning. 

Later, after picking Sam up, we headed to Dairy Queen for our first soft serve of the season ;) A good Friday!

Happy girls!

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