Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Cart Path Run

It's not often that the entire cart path "loop" is runnable in winter. This morning, I was out before 6:00 am and decided to give it a try. The powerlines were a mix of flat-out ice, gravel, and churned up snow/sand from the ATVers who were out after the thaw on Sunday, but I figured the cart paths might be doable. And they were. The three groomed holes were good, fast, firm running. The rest of the route was a mix of gravel, hard-pack snow, ice and a bit of deeper snow. Still, very runnable. I took the dirt/ice road back. The sky was just beginning to lighten in the last mile. Good 6 mile/hour-long run for the day.

Speaking of light, tonight when I picked up Sam, the sun was just setting, and the sky was streaked with pinks and purples. In other words, it was still light out! Hurray. I love it when it becomes noticeable that we are gaining light!! I realize it is still mid-winter, but man, nothing like a bit more daylight to make me happy :)

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