Tuesday, January 13, 2015


With the 3" or so of fluffy snow we received throughout the day yesterday, today seemed like the ideal day to take the snowshoes out for their inaugural 2015 spin :) Ryan had recently been over on the golf course and said it was excellent for snowshoeing. I had run on the groomed stuff last week and thought it was great running, so figured it would be a good spot for this morning. I was up and out the door extra early so I could get the car warmed up and drive over to the parking lot. I donned my shoes, turned on my headlamp and set off across the field, kicking up powder as I went. Man, I always forget this the first time I got out! Snowshoeing is a kick in the ass!! Whew! I was working, but actually it was enjoyable. A fairly firm base beneath a few inches of fresh snow was ideal, and I got in a nice three mile spin on the trails. Gorgeous morning with the moon reflecting off the snow.

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