Thursday, January 29, 2015

Early Morning Chill

Up and out at 6:00 am. The roads are still very messy around here with huge snowbanks, and the trails have yet to truly be broken out by the snowmobiles (Come on, come on! Work with me here, people :) ), so I chose what seemed the safest route, which was Highland Green by way of the Connector. There is a wide shoulder on the Connector and I had on all my reflective gear, but man, there was a lot of traffic out there for 6:00 am. Where are people going? Do that many people start work at that hour?

Things quieted down once I hit Highland Green. The pavement was mostly clear, but the sidewalks were non-existent. When I hit the back of the loop, the sky was beginning to change. If it hadn't been -2 degrees, I would have stopped, taken off my gloves and taken a photo, but forget it at that temperature :) Amongst the silhouetted trees, the sky was deep red, lightening to orange, gold, light green and light blue, topped with a brilliant turquoise-y color. Truly lovely.

The dirt road was decently plowed but a bit messy. Still, not bad running.

And luckily there was no wind, so between all my layers and using the Buff from time to time, I was perfectly comfortable. Got in 5.2 miles to start the day.

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