Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Snow Day

Yup, that is three out of five days this week. Crazy! Woke up to snow and it just continued all day long. Not nearly as much accumulation as Tuesday, mind you, but still. There is a lot of fluffy white stuff on the ground out there right now!

Due to the snow day and the fact that Ryan decided to work from home due to the weather, I waited until 7:30 am to head out for my run. Then, snowshoes in hand, I ran across the street to the parking lot where the field had been groomed the other day. Even with the grooming, it was pretty soft, so of course the second I donned the snowshoes and started running up into the woods, it seemed as if I had weights on my feet and my lungs were on fire :) I swear snowshoeing truly is sadistic. I ran up the back of Mt. A. and back down again before attempting to head out into the unbroken snow on hole #3. I got about a dozen steps before I realized I was going nowhere and turned around. I ran to the bottom of Mountain Road, then back up Mt. A. again. At the top, I left the groomed stuff and ran the track broken out down the road where I looped around to the powerlines. Somewhere in there, I took a nice faceplant into the snow :) Ha. Even with one set of tracks (Ryan's, I believe), it was tough to move forward and certainly, I wasn't doing it with any grace.

The powerlines had been rolled by the snowmobile machine, which was nice, but when I got back to the Mt. A. road, instead of continuing on the groomed stuff, I shook my head and headed up the hill. Slow going! But this has to be good strength work, right?! Then back to the parking lot and out of my snowshoes for the run home.

Total run: 4.4 miles; 1.4 on pavement & 3.0 on snowshoes. Total time: 1:00. Yup, it was slow out there for sure!

In an effort to keep Sam occupied and tire her out, we went out once to sled before lunchtime and then again later in the afternoon. Snow continued to fall, but it was relatively warm and there was no wind, so it really was pretty nice out. In fact, I got pretty warm running down the hill after pushing Sam on the sled and then hiking back up with the sled between runs. A good cross-training workout for sure! The rest of the day consisted of coloring, marble runs, games, TV and making colored snow with a little bit of laundry and cleaning thrown in for good measure. All in all, a solid Friday!

Having fun in the snow, boogers and all :)

Mixing up some colors

Tromping around the neighborhood


Wipeout! :)

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