Saturday, January 17, 2015


This morning when I padded downstairs at 6:30 am, the weather app told me it was 2 degrees out, but felt like -9. Hmmm. I had originally intended to do my long run (beginning of the training cycle, so long = 12 miles) early this morning so that I could get most of it done while Sam was sleeping and then be able to hang out for the rest of the day with Sam and Ryan, both of whom are sick. But seriously, I just didn't really want to be out for 2+ hours in the cold. Wimpy? Perhaps. But I'm also trying to not get sick myself, so it seemed like a logical decision to stay inside instead and have a leisurely early morning drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet house. Then once everyone was awake, I went out and brought back donuts. "Feels like -9" versus donuts? Donuts win this time!

It did warm up eventually, although I think it was only 12 degrees when I went out around 1:00 pm. Still, the skies above were a brilliant blue, the snow at my feet was fluffy and white, and the sunshine was practically blinding. Several snowshoers had been out in the past 24 hours, and so the trails were a bit more packed than they had been yesterday, which was nice. The river gurgled and roared, little mouse tracks crossed the trail, and I stopped to watch as cattail tufts floated away in the light breeze.

Hard not to enjoy the trails on an afternoon like this. Got in a lovely 6+ miles. Now I just have to get up tomorrow and get those original 12 miles done! ;)

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