Friday, January 9, 2015

Dark and Windy

I could hear the wind whipping outside. Sigh. Well, nothing to do but get up and go out anyway. I bundled up in almost as many layers as earlier this week despite the warmer temps. I knew the wind would make it feel colder. I tromped ungracefully through the woods, following a few foot prints and a ski track, my feet slipping this way and that in the sugary snow, every other step crashing through the icy top layer. Once I got down to the other side of the Mt. A. trails, I was happy to see that the crazy groomer had been out grooming the trails. Yes! A bit of nice running on packed snow out onto Mountain Road and along hole #3. Then a bit more crashing before reaching the Heath trail, which was moderately packed out by walkers and a few skiers. Still slow going, but a bit easier. I was too early to get a view of the sky lightening across the Heath, but enjoyed seeing the animal tracks along the way. Then back to the golf course, where the wind whipped against me, and home. A slow 4 miles to start the day.

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