Sunday, January 11, 2015

Outdoor Adventures

This morning, I met up with Amy for a walk at Bradbury. It was darn cold at 7:30 am, and walking just does not generate the same sort of heat that running does. Brrr! We walked four miles out-and-back on the Snowmobile Trail. A lot of tracks seen in the light layer of fresh snow out in the woods. After a cold walk, chatting away, we drove over to Pineland for a delicious bagel and coffee. Yum! Always good to catch up, even if we did so yesterday too :), and sounds like Molly is settling in nicely!

After lunch, Ryan, Sam and I set off for our own outdoor adventure, donning our snowshoes and getting out for a hike on the Cathance trails. It had warmed up nicely, and with no wind, was quite pleasant out. Sam did a great job snowshoeing, and was markedly stronger than last year's ventures, not to mention she had a lot of fun on our hour+ journey. The woods were filled with tracks and the river, with its icy banks, was very pretty. A lovely day spent out exploring in the woods and on the trails!

Our guide for the afternoon

Walking in the woods

By the Cathance

Along the river


Some of the many snowshoe hare prints we saw

By the river

Pileated Woodpecker damage


Being goofy

Muskrat? This trail led right up from the ice along the river's edge. Very neat. Originally wondered if it was a possum, but now am thinking perhaps muskrat 

Squirrel hole?

Sam being silly

Happy goofs out in the woods :)

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