Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Day #2

Well, the snow stopped sometime in the early hours of the morning, but man, there was still a whole lot of snow to be cleaned up, so snow day #2 it was! I went into work this morning for a few hours. Sam slept in (hurray!) and a little later, she and Ryan went out to sled with Sam's little friend Hayleigh, and Hayleigh's brother. Sounds like there was much snow in the face on the runs again this morning :) So light and fluffy! It just didn't pack down!

I got home in time for lunch and Ryan headed into work.  A bit later, Sam and I headed out for a short excursion to get the mail and to tromp into the woods to get some snow to make colored snow. A little messy but fun :)

A little later, it was over to Anne's house for some sledding at a neighbor's house. This was a much bigger hill than the one out back, and there were many spills in the deep snow, but it was a beautiful afternoon to be out!

All this activity made for a tired little kiddo, just like a snow day should! :)

Rainbow snow!

Sledding fun


Pretty sky

Happy kids

This is FUN!

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