Friday, January 16, 2015

Daylight Run

I worked this morning, but because there was no school today, Sam was at Miss Amber's playing for the day, which meant I had a few hours free this afternoon. I ran around doing errands and getting the grocery shopping done, then shot home to quickly get changed and get in a few miles before picking her up. I wanted to check out how the Cathance trails were looking, so I opted to drive over to the ecology center lot and run from there. This would allow me more time on the trails themselves versus spending most of the run running there and back :)

There was blue sky above, but the wind was whipping. Down in the woods along the river I was protected though, and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet woods. The trails, trees, and the ice along the river were covered with the 3+ inches of fluffy snow that had fallen over the past few days and it all looked quite lovely. Unfortunately, not as many people had been out on the trails as I had hoped, which meant things really weren't all that packed down, and some of the trails just had a few footprints to follow. Even where there had been traffic, the snow was soft, so it was a bit slow out there, even if I was working hard to keep in forward motion! I got in 3+ miles on the Cathance side then crossed the street to run the Heath loop. This was the best running of the day, as there had clearly been multiple people out on snowshoes all along the loop, making for fairly decent footing. Got in a little over 4 miles and hustled home to pick up the kiddo.

When I picked her up, she was a little out of it and I could tell she was getting sick, although it sounded like she had had a fun day. The funny thing is, last night, the ezcema spots on her legs had flared up, after being gone for a while. I said, "What is up with that?" to which Ryan responded, "well, she's probably on her way to getting sick."And sure enough... Interesting how that seems to be the way with her. When we got home, she lay konked out on the couch until the ibuprofin kicked in and her fever went down, then she seemed more like herself. Still, it was early to bed for her! Ryan is sadly sick again as well. The sinus infection he had last month has recurred and he is really hurting. Hopefully this second round of antibiotics will get rid of whatever nastiness is still hanging around!

And luckily, Sam and I will be home on Monday as she has a holiday at school, so we have three solid days to rest and recuperate.  In the meantime, I'm still standing and plan to stay that way! :)

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