Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Fun

There was a lot of hype leading up to this storm. I know it didn't deliver quite as much down in southern New England and New York as anticipated, but I'd say it lived (and is living) up to the hype around here. Crazy winds. Heck of a lot of snow. Cold temps. Whiteout conditions. Pretty much the whole state shut down. It's hard to tell because of the drifting, but I'd say we got 20+" and it's still snowing as of 8:00 pm. Yup, snow day!

It actually was really nice to have all three of us home without anything on our 'to do' list and to have no one sick!

We spent the day not sleeping in (sigh), having pancakes and bacon for breakfast, doing experiments with the science kit Auntie Meg gave us for Christmas, playing with the marble run, making pictures to put up on the window, watching a bit of tv (but really not too much), going outside in the blinding snow and wind to sled down the hill out back with Sam's school/neighborhood friend Hayleigh and her brother, doing some shoveling, feeding the birds, making a snow fort out back and in general having a really good day together.

The day also included a three mile run for me. I know, I know. It was crazy to go out there, but I just couldn't help myself (ie. definition of crazy). I put on a gazillion layers and headed across the street. The roads were actually fine with my screwshoes, except that the wind was nutso so I aborted my attempt to do the full Patriot Commons loop and finished up the miles with some loops around the immediate neighborhood. I did see a skate skier out on the high school road though, so I wasn't the only crazy one out there! Ha. I was actually warm and toasty, but the whipping wind and snow was a bit much on my face. Still, fun to get in a few blizzard miles :)

No selfies from the run or photos from sledding, but here are a few from the rest of the day.

Getting ready to make a mini volcano :0

Chemical reaction!

Scientist at work!

Fun on the 20-foot snow pile

The makings of a snow fort out back

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