Saturday, August 23, 2014

So Much Better

After a bit of rest at home yesterday, I took off to daycare for the family fun party. But first, I stopped and got myself a bit 'ol sundae. Nothing that ice cream can't cure, I say :-)

The daycare party was fun. Sam loved the bounce house, and they had a magician come in. To my surprise, Sam volunteered for one of the magic tricks, and had a lot of fun. The kids thought the whole thing was pretty hysterical - there was a lot of laughter and clapping. However, sitting on the hard laminate floor for an hour after 16 miles run on uncooperative legs kinda hurt :-)

I was exhausted for the rest of the day yesterday, despite the sugar from the ice cream, but luckily, this morning's run went much better. I was up and out a little after 6:00 am. I ran the cart paths and then hit the snowmobile trails along the powerlines and ran the Lover's Lane loop. Somehow I was thinking that would get me 10ish, but in fact, it turned into 11.25. At least the legs felt good!

I always enjoy running along the powerlines and at this time of year as the season's are slowly changing, there was an abundance of color. Red bunchberries, yellow goldenrod, white aster and queen anne's lace, the blush pink berries on the bushes that I can never remember the name for, the white arrowhead amongst the green shoots in the marshy areas, the deep purple blackberries. Also saw a deer and her two fawns, plus an indigo bunting in the bushes up near Rt. 24 (interestingly, looking back through the blog, I saw one in this same area around the same time of year back in 2011. Cool!). Heard my friend the towhee and the chickadees calling in the bushes too.

All in all, a much better run than yesterday! Now off to pack for camping!


healthyincville said...

That sundae. I want that sundae!

Sparkplug said...

Oh, that sundae was so worth it! :-) Might not have been the most nutritious choice after a long run, but it was good!