Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not Quite as Planned...

I was up early this morning to get in a run. I headed out around 6:30 am and ran an easy 4 miles around the block as the fog lifted. I came home to find a text from Dana. Sadly, Irene got very sick in the middle of the night and ended up in the hospital with what turned out to be a bad gastro infection/colitis. Not quite what we had planned for today...  Sam was very excited to eat lobster and steamers with Grammie today; we were also planning to go to the beach. But it was not to be. Poor Irene. And poor Dana.

We made the best of what certainly could have been a better day. Sam and I went on a morning bike ride around the neighborhood and picked raspberries out back. We took an exhausted Dana out for a yummy brunch at Broadway Deli and then after dropping him off at the hospital, Sam, Ryan and I headed to the playground. Ryan still needed to get his run in, so Sam and I dropped him off at Bowdoin to run through the Commons and then we headed to Skofield Shores Preserve for a walk down to the water and a hike. 

Sam was a great hiking partner and we ended up hiking all the trails, which was probably only about a mile or so :-) Still, it was a great afternoon to be out in the woods and we found a lot of interesting things along the way. Such a pretty spot.

Skofield Shores

Photo by Sam

Sam and the (dead) horseshoe crab

Walking the shoreline

Looking in the tidal pool

Some type of coral mushroom

Walking through ferns

Sam, leading the way

Cool bridge

For now, Irene is still in the hospital, but hopefully they will be able to go home soon! She is doing better tonight, so seems like things are headed in the right direction at least.

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