Friday, August 15, 2014

Bradbury Fun

Having two Fridays in a row off is pretty nice. I could get used to this!! And what else to do but go for a run? I was the first one in the lot at the Brad at 6:30 am. The air was cool, all was quiet. I headed out to run the BBU mountain side - the trails were very very soggy, with many puddles and a lot of standing, and running, water. Despite the cool temps, the humidity was high and I got rained on a bit too. So between the sweat, the rain, the mud and the water, I was pretty wet all around. :) Still, felt good and fairly strong, making it back to the parking lot in 10.3 miles and 2 hours. I hadn't seen a soul. I stopped briefly to go to the bathroom, dump my trash, and text Ryan that I was back at the lot. Just as I was headed back out, I saw Linda Raymond and friend, out getting their long run in too.

This time around, unlike last week, I had no reservations about continuing on. I felt focused and although 20 miles is a lot of time with only one's own head for company, I knew I would get in the miles. The twisty singlet rack was pretty greasy with wet roots and mud and I find it impossible to go fast on the Island Trail, but I just kept chugging along. I ran the Bruiser, and was happy to reach the Snowmobile trail and have a bit of a break from the single track and get in a nice steady climb before dropping back into the woods again. I followed the course until it hit the Link, then just followed the Snowmobile trail back to Knights Woods. Caught my foot in a mud pit/root trap at the bottom of that last climb and almost are it, but managed to right myself just in time. Needs a bit more mileage, so did a short out and back on the Link to finish up with 20 miles in just a smudge over 4 :00.

Very happy to have gotten in 20 and feel decent doing it. Then it was off to grab lunch and a huge cookie at Pineland before a visit with Amy. Good to catch up with her. She is looking good!

Wish I could have stayed all afternoon but had to get home to clean the house, take out the trash, get the recycling to the transfer station, get the cats all set, finish packing and get the car all set for our whirlwind weekend trip to NJ for Gavin's 1st birthday. Whew! No rest for the wicked, or is it weary, or maybe it should just be moms, especially moms who want to spend their morning running 20 miles ? ;)

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Scout said...

Nice, Danielle. Sounds like it was the way running should be :)