Friday, August 29, 2014

A Bit Humid

Didn't get out quite as early as I had intended due to an early waking child, but finally got out of the house around 8:00. Luckily the legs felt a bit more peppy than yesterday and I was able to keep what seemed a fairly reasonable pace for the completely flat loop of road/trail/gravel around the neighborhood. It also was overcast, thankfully, as the humidity was through the roof. I thought it was raining at one point, until I realized it was just my sweat flinging all over the place. Gross! Got in 10 miles in 1:30, with a few stops for water and to watch the wildlife. Saw three deer along the nature trail, as well as another egret, a cardinal and a lot of turtles with their heads peaking out of the water along the pond edges.

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