Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More, More, More!

When Sam sees one of our plates empty at the table, she points to it and says "more." As if to say, come on Mama, your plate is empty. Get on it! You must need more, right? When I ask her where her elbow is, she will point to one side and say "elbow." If I ask her where her other elbow is, she will point to the other side and say "more." When she wants more of something, anything, she says "more," in her cute, adorably drawn-out way. When we blow raspberries on her tummy, she laughs hysterically and says, insistently, "more, more!" We are all about more these days :-) There is no restraint here!


After I dropped Sam off at daycare this morning, I came home and headed out the door for a 5 mile run on the Homeplace loop. It was sunny and a bit warm already in the open, but in the shade, it was perfect. My plan was for a pretty easy run, but I was also hoping to run the miles evenly. I think I pretty much succeeded, give or take a few seconds on either side of 9:00 pace, but I'll have to consult the Garmin tonight to be sure. My splits from Pineland ranged from 7:54 in the second mile (oops!) to an almost 10:00 mile (oops again!) in the last mile of the Campus loop, so I'd really like to get a bit more consistent in my pacing while running and racing. I realize the terrain in the two miles I mentioned are quite different, but still. That is a pretty big gap. Anyway, it was another beautiful morning for a run. I scared up a deer in the brush by Highland Green Road, heard the bullfrogs in the marshy spot at the bottom of the hill, and spotted a few house finch singing atop the bushes, plus a few catbirds flitting about. The ferns were letting off that wonderful smell I so love, and I noted two delicate and deep purple swamp iris amongst the reeds. In the sun along the powerlines, the blueberry bush flowers have given way to the start of fruit - hurray! - and patches of daisies and indian paint brush are blooming. It's as if Mother Nature is saying "more more more" in her own way, with everything blooming and growing at this time of year, and it's always fun to see what I can see out there!

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pathfinder said...

I have the same issue with my plate....I keep saying MORE! I wish I learned to say LESS