Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Busy Day

Today was my day with Sam and we managed to pack a lot in! We were up and at 'em by 6:30, and we ate breakfast, read books, colored and played with play doh until around 8:30 when all she kept saying was "outside," "outside," outside." It was a beautiful morning, and hot already! I guess summer really is here. We colored with our sidewalk chalk, and played bubbles with our neighbor's girl, who is really sweet, and loves to play with Sam even though Sam isn't even 2, and she is going into the 3rd grade. We came in a while later, when Sam had dumped out pretty much all the bubbles and gotten soaked in the process :-) After a quick change, I loaded her up in the B.O.B. and we headed off. There is a playground over near the middle school that is only 1 mile away, so it seemed like the perfect idea. Of course, I had to pick the hottest Monday of the year so far to decide today was the day to walk over there and play! There were tons of moms and kids there though, which was fun. We even ran into one of the little girls Sam knows from daycare. Sam had fun swinging, and sliding, and just plain racing around. I tried to keep us hydrated, but I started to wilt after only a little while. We hung on until right around 11am, and at that point, I needed to get out of the sun. Too bad, I had the mile walk home. I sure was toasty by the time we got back!

After lunch and putting Sam down for a nap, I got ready for my run. I had planned on 11 road miles today, but I just wasn't feeling it, and didn't want to be suffering out on the roads in the sun for 1 1/2 hours after being outside all morning with Sam. I decided to just run 5 miles in the woods instead, and I am glad I did! I downed my whole 10 oz. handheld while I was out there, and still felt thirsty! It was 79 degrees when I left. I ran the Mt. Ararat trails over to the Heath, and then down to the river. The water looked inviting, but I kept on running. I finished up with 5.25 miles and a face that felt like it was a bit on fire :-) Guess I need to get used to the heat!!

Unfortunately, Sam did not grace me with a long nap, and pretty much as soon as I sat down to relax for a bit after I stopped sweating, she woke up. Darn. Oh well. We went back outside to play in the sandbox and with the bubbles some more, took a quick trip to Target, and ate dinner together while Ryan was out for his run. He came home to Sam "making art" (or flinging fingerpaint all over the kitchen from her highchair, painting herself and smearing paint all over the paper in great big swirls). She was having a grand old time but boy, did she make a mess! Ryan took the best shot of all of this with his IPhone, much better than my regular camera shots. So here Sam is in all her fingerpaint glory :-)

Fun with fingerpaints. Don't you love the paint all around her eye?!!

And now, well... I'm tired! But it was a fun day with the munchkin, for sure!


N.D. said...

that's the worst when the whole nap time is spent doing something w/ no down time. Who watches her when you run ?

Sparkplug said...

Luckily, my hubby works from home most of the time, so he can watch her even on "my days" with her, which is so nice! Otherwise, I think we'd have to buy a treadmill so I could still get my runs in!