Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Cathance & Pancakes

This morning, we hosted a Trail Monster Cathance & Pancake run. The plan was for Ryan to celebrate Father's Day with a nice run on the trails with our friends. Unfortunately, he strained his calf the other week, so he's on the DL (still!). So, no running for him. He agreed to stay home with Sam, and man the pancake station while I was charged with leading the group run. Don't think I can ever say I've actually led a run before, but I did my best :-)

It certainly was a great day to be outside enjoying a trail run! There was not a cloud in the picture perfect blue sky, a cool breeze was blowing and there was no humidity after the thunderstorm and rain that rolled through last evening. It was a fun group for the run - Jamie, Valerie, Rick, Mindy, Mary and Christine - and we had a good time chatting away as we enjoyed the nice trails in the Cathance preserve. We really are lucky to have these great trails basically right out our door, and it is always fun to share our trails with friends!
Running along the river (Thanks for the photo, Val!)
Kate stayed behind to hang with Sam and Ryan, while Pete took out his mountain bike on the powerline trails across the street, and when we got back from our run, we all sat outside, chatting, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating pancakes and drinking coffee and beer, and of course, being entertained by Sam and her antics :-)
Sam enjoying the nice day, and drawing on the sidewalk with Kate
A fun morning on and off the trails with friends, for sure!

Happy Father's Day everyone!

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mindy said...

Thank you so much for hosting! It was great to run and catch up. Hope we can get together soon!