Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cathance Wander

Slept a bit better last night, maybe? Either way, I was up and out the door at 6:00 am for my run so that I could be back in time for Ryan to head south to help his parents clean out his grandparent's house this morning. It was drizzling lightly and the roots and bridges had a slightly slippery sheen out along the trail. I kept things nice and mellow, and enjoyed the ever-greening woods and the trails on a quiet morning. I did see one other runner out there though, someone I didn't recognize, which surprised me! Stopped at the vernal pool on the return trip to listen to the bullfrogs for a bit. They were noisy!

It's raining pretty hard right now as I write, and Sam and I are having a mellow morning. She slept until 8:30 so I had the quiet house to myself for a bit this morning after my run, which was nice!

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