Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Good Day in the Woods

A lovely 14 miles wandering out on the Cathance trails today. The morning was crisp and sunny, with dry trails, roaring river and a few signs of spring showing out in the woods. Saw an osprey, two cormorants and a pair of phoebes out at Head of Tides, and what appeared to be an eagle, although it was a bit too obstructed by trees and too far away to tell for sure; if not it sure was a big raptor.

Trailing arbutus - first flower seen this spring!

Skunk cabbage

Head of Tides

Happy runner

A Pileated was here...



Of course, a good morning run and a good morning of swimming for Sam meant that a trip to Frosty's was in order :)

That's a lot of donuts...

And after all those donuts, it was time to get outside again! We headed for Wolfe's Neck State Park later in the afternoon for a walk. It was a bit on the chilly side there, especially down by the water - brrr! - but it was a lovely afternoon to be out in the woods together. We got just shy of 2 miles in 1 1/2 hours, although Strava put our moving time at only 58 minutes. Ha! ;)

Out hiking!

Vernal pool filled with frog egg sacs

Checking out the pool

Blue bead lily (photo by Sam)


Trailing arbutus (photo by Sam)

More lovely trailing abutus

On the beach

Overcast afternoon

Up on the ledges

A walk in the woods

I'd call today a good day in the woods!

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Willow said...

Love the unfurling and the happy runner pics!
I noticed the Trailing arbutus when it first started showing up, but of course I didn't have a name for it :)