Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good and Bad

I believe my Facebook post this morning said, "Pretty crappy run." OK, so maybe that was a bit harsh, but it was how I felt upon walking in the door. I was supposed to do my long run yesterday, before work, but Sam decided it would be a good idea to develop a cough again, so I didn't sleep much, and that was on top of not a lot of sleeping earlier this week too. Needless to say, I didn't get up at 4 am to get in 14 miles. So, that meant doing it today. Sam was still coughing, but I put in ear plugs to dull the sound and was able to get a bit more sleep, although it was still a restless one. However, I did wake up a little before the alarm went off to find Gigi trying to chew one of them out of my ear! Ha. Naughty Gigi!! ;)

I set out a little after 5:00 am into the mist and fog. It was sort of like running in pea soup. I wasn't feeling very peppy and decided to run loops on the cart path, but I ended up lacking the energy and the time to complete 14 miles. Actually, I guess you can say I just kind of gave up on the idea and called it good at 10 miles. Sigh. Despite not feeling very cheery about the whole thing, there were a few highlights. I scared the beejesus out of a golfer walking the cart paths at 5:15 am. I tried to make noise as I came up on him, but he jumped pretty high. HA! :) Also came across one more tiny red-spotted newt, and when I added on a loop around the Heath on the 2nd loop and took the short path to the overlook out onto the Heath, I was surprised and happy to find that the mossy, marsh area was covered with wild cala lilies. Very cool!

As I write this, I realize the run wasn't all bad, but I just felt kind of exhausted, it must have been close to 100% humidity with all the fog and mist, and I really didn't like that I cut the run short. Still, it is technically a step back week so I suppose it could be worse. Hopefully tomorrow's run will go better, although it's yet another early start as Ryan is headed south to help his parent's clean out his grandparent's house.

Bunchberries in the mist

Wild cala lily

Misty Heath (full of cala lilies)

Cute little red-spotted newt

When I got back, Ryan headed to the Brad for his own run, and Sam and I went to swimming and then to get the requisite donut at Frosty's. We then joined up with Ryan, and a few other Trail Monsters, at Edna and Lucy's for lunch before heading to Wolfe's Neck Farm for their Spring Festival. They had a lot of fun little stations for the kids, all the animals were out, and Sam had a great time. It turned into a beautiful afternoon with blue skies and a cool breeze. Definitely a nice day to be out on the farm!


Taking a hayride

Who? Me?

Do you have anything for me?

Hi cows!

Mystery bags - this one held wool!


Haybale jumping!

Face painting

Pretty flower

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