Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Heart

I'm not saying yesterday's run was a bust, but to me it left something to be desired. I just didn't feel enthused, so today I really wanted to do a run that made me happy. So I headed over to Bowdoin to run the Commons and Coleman Farm. As I was pulling in, I saw a number of seniors walking across the lot with their gowns on - graduation day! Amazing that it was 18 years ago for us. Damn. That makes me feel old. It also means I've been running through the Commons for 22 years. Wow.

The sun shone brightly and the sky was blue. The wind whipped through the trees, and out in Pennelville, the bobolinks twittered down in the green field grass. Cows grazed in the pasture and the air smelled sweet. Saw a lot of wildflowers and throughly enjoyed my run. A lovely 9 miles to finish up the running week and start the day. Just what I needed to make my heart happy.

Rhodora and Pitch Pine, The Commons.

Painted Trillium.

Apple Tree blooming out at Coleman Farm.

Ladyslipper in the sunlight. I saw 55 on today's run!

Ocean view.


Anonymous said...

Sounds nice. I've been feeling old lately, too.
55 Ladyslippers!?

unstrung said...